Let's get right down to it and talk numbers.

One of the most common hesitations I hear from clients is that they are afraid they can't afford their session. I don't want anyone to feel that they can't afford beautiful photos and artwork because it doesn't fit in their budget or have to settle for less than what they really want.

Payment plans are your friend!

I currently offer THREE options for payment plans for my clients! No more having to back down from booking a session or getting heart broken walking out without the products you want! I am here to make life easier for you and to provide ways to make this possible for you!

Option 1: Prepay your session + products

This is an AMAZING option to have because you can start making monthly payments towards your experience and products BEFORE your booked session date! I want your boudoir experience to be as fun and uplifting as possible and I’ve noticed that this has been the best option for clients so they aren’t stressing about going home without everything their heart desires since you already paid for it! Just show up and have fun!

Option 2: PayPal Credit

This is a great option to get your products right away and while having the flexibility of having interest free payments. All you need to do is apply for PayPal Credit and see if you're approved! PayPal credit offers no interest/no payments for 6 months and I will be hand delivering your products as soon as they come in (about 3-4 weeks)! Are you ready to invest in yourself? Click below to start the process, it only takes a minute!

Option 3: Layaway Program

If you're not approved for PayPal Credit, do not fret as you can use my own layaway program! My layaway program is split into 3 brackets:

  • Total product order of $700 - $1499 - Eligible the 3 month plan

  • Total product order of $1,500 - $2,499 - Eligible for the 6 or 3 month plan

  • Total product order of $2,500 + - Eligible for the 9, 6 or 3 month plan

 If you chose this program, I will require the first payment (a minimum deposit of $150) of your product order total to start your plan. Once the Layaway contract has been signed, payments will be set on a recurring schedule through an automatic system which will require 2 credit or debit cards to be on file.

*Products are only ordered once they are paid in full.