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Hi! I’m Kait.

I’m the owner and photographer of Envy Boudoir! I have specialized in boudoir since 2018 and continue to expand my education and passion in the subject. I’m a hot mess mama of 2 perfect children, have an amazingly loving husband and a pretty stellar dog. You can catch me in pjs or leggings because comfort and mobility is key to a happy life (but seriously, pjs for life). By now I’m sure you’ve caught on that I’ve got a self proclaimed sense of humor and always try to make people smile. I enjoy caramel macchiatos, long strolls through thrift stores and priding myself in sending the best GIFs and memes. Feel free to contact me about any questions or concerns you may have, I’m here for you!



Envy Boudoir is a multi-featured business seen in:


Do More, Wear Less

Confident Curves

Modern Femme Magazine

Jewlz Magazine

Boudoir Culture Magazine



General Inquiries

— Have questions about your upcoming session? Please contact me and include any concerns you may have, I’d love to hear from you!