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Hi! I’m Kait.

I’m the owner and photographer of Envy Boudoir! I have specialized in boudoir since 2018 and continue to expand my education and passion in the subject. I’m a hot mess mama (just keeping in real) of 2 perfect children, have an amazingly loving husband and a pretty stellar dog. You can catch me in pjs or leggings because comfort and mobility is key to a happy life (but seriously, pjs for life). By now I’m sure you’ve caught on that I’ve got a self proclaimed sense of humor and always try to make people smile. I enjoy caramel macchiatos, long strolls through thrift stores and priding myself in sending the best GIFs and memes. Feel free to contact me about any questions or concerns you may have, I’m here for you!


The Norfolk Studio


No matter what brings you into the studio, know that you are always welcome.


No matter your age, size, gender identity, sexual orientation or walk of life, you are always welcome in my studio. Everyone deserves a chance to embrace who they are in a safe space and I provide exactly that for you!

Let me walk you through it:


Get pretty.

Before your session, you will have a professional 30 minute massage* and immediately following you will start getting your hair and make up done! My team is hand picked by their talents and passion for empowering clients so you are in excellent hands with us.

Let your goddess out.

Next is the session itself! We will shoot 3 looks—2 lingerie and 1 nude, the most popular being the shower set!

Open your eyes to see your true beauty.

After the session, I kick you out to grab some lunch. Once you come back, we go through your images for the same day reveal and ordering appointment! Yep, you read that right, you get to see and pick your favorite images that we just took a few hours ago!

Walk out feeling like ‘Yonce.

Sometimes you just need reminding that you’re a badass. My team and I are here to do just that. Are you ready to experience this for yourself?


“Kait thank you for this remarkable experience. I cannot believe that was me in those pictures.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story. Thank you for showing me who I am. Who I really am.”



Where does this session take place?

Your boudoir session will take place in the Norfolk Studio at 2507 Fawn Street. If you are not local to me, I can travel to you! Contact me to start planning for your session as I travel to clients quite often!

I'm not a size 0, am I still able do this?

Of course you are! I love empowering and celebrating real women and making them feel like super models. I work with clients of all shapes, sizes, color and ages! They are women just like me and you. You are the PERFECT person for this session!

What if I want my photos to stay private?

Privacy is my number one priority. I will never post images without asking permission and having written authority to do so. At your consultation, we will go through all the necessary forms which include the model release. You will not have to sign it until after your reveal which will say, "yes, share away!" or "I'd rather keep it private.". There is also the middle option where I ask permission to share in my women only boudoir VIP group but said images will not be used on my website or for advertisements. We can discuss this in more details at your consult!

How long should I expect to be there?

Typically, sessions run about 4 hours including the reveal and ordering party afterwards! Your day will start out with your hair and make up being professionally done, up to 1 hour of shooting time, 1 hour break where I kick you out to prepare the best images and finally the big reveal!

Can my partner be present for the Reveal and Ordering appointment?

Sure!! But only under certain conditions will I allow them there. First and foremost, they MUST be all in and excited for you! If there is any sort of negativity coming from them, they will be asked to leave so we can finish our ordering appointment in a positive environment. YOU are my client, so I will be looking out for your best interest. Second, your partner MUST be made aware of pricing well before the ordering appointment. No one likes being caught off guard so make sure that if you really, REALLY want them there, that they know every little detail about what to expect!

Do you have anything I could borrow?

YES! I have a client closet that you are free to rummage through to see what tickles your fancy. I have a variety of sizes, colors, styles and even jewelry. All pieces are cleaned after client use, however, I highly suggest bringing your own nude or black thong to wear under body suits. I love being able to provide this to my clients as it is one less thing they need to worry about!


“My boudoir session with Kait was perfection.

I was very anxious for my session! Within minutes I started feeling at ease. It didn’t take long for m to be comfortable with Kait and what I was doing. She showed me how to do everything, would laugh with me, and encourage me. By the end of my shoot, I didn’t want to be done. It was such a powerful experience!”


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