What to wear for your body type - Pear edition


Being a pear shape means that your thighs and booty are wider than your chest and shoulders. With the pear shape, you want to help create the illusion that you are proportioned. This means that you will want something flashy or that draws the eyes up top since you’ve already got it going on at the bottom!

Plunging necklines are amazing for pear shapes, as well as bold prints or accessories like necklaces to again, even the top to the bottom! Below are my general rules of thumb for all body types:

You’ve got the curves, show them off!

Never be afraid of your curves. You are absolutely perfect the way you are in this very moment and should celebrate every inch of yourself! Don’t be scared of form fitting or try to hide in layers or babydoll (telling you right now I will veto any sort of babydoll piece haha!), not only does it photograph horribly by making you seem larger than you actually are but it’s a safety net that I plan on taking from you. Sounds kinda harsh now, but you will thank me later ;)

No cups, please!

I personally prefer pieces that do not have padding for the bust for a couple of reasons!

  1. It has a tendency to “cup out” while posing. What that means is that it creates a gap making it look as if your outfit is ill fitting. Plus if that is happening, you will tend to be more concerned with fixing your wardrobe than posing.

  2. Sizing can be completely perfect every where BUT the cups. You can blame that pesky padding for that by either you over filling them or on the opposite end of the spectrum and not being able to fill it at all.

Whether you have a large or small bust, I always suggest bodysuits and non padded pieces. If you need any sort of support, find pieces with underwire only and you will get that little lift you need!

Don’t be afraid to bring your personality into it!

This is the perfect way to express yourself! Find pieces that compliment your body AND personality! Whether it’s a print, color or fabric, don’t be afraid to let your beautiful self shine! Earthy tones and muted colors photograph the best so I would definitely stay away from bright colors and neons as they will not only photograph well but cast the color onto your skin. Again, if you need help with choices or a direction to go in, never hesitate to reach out! Below are my favorite places to shop:

  • https://www.yandy.com

  • https://www.fashionnova.com

  • https://www.forever21.com/us/shop

  • https://www.asos.com/women/lingerie-nightwear/cat/?cid=6046&nlid=ww|clothing|shop+by+product

  • https://www.amazon.com

  • https://www.torrid.com

  • https://www.fredericks.com

  • https://us.boohoo.com