the end of anon


the end of anon


synonyms:characterless, unremarkable, nondescript, impersonal, faceless, colorless, gray,
unnamed, of unknown name, nameless, incognito, unidentified, unknown, unspecified, undesignated, unacknowledged, mystery

Being a creative, you will have ups and downs when trying to express yourself. When creating the anon series, I was in a dowwwwwwnnnn fucking down. No matter what I tried, I could. not. get. out. I shot for me, shot different, didn’t shoot at all, tried new things, wore new things and everything in between to try and help myself claw my way out. Nothing worked. It got to the point where I felt like I couldn’t photograph at all anymore and I wanted to quit. I didn’t touch my camera for weeks until I decided that I was going to create the monsters I felt holding me down.


The point of this series is to show that you will ALWAYS have lows that accompany your highs. It’s okay and it’s totally normal. But how you handle your lows is where you find your strength. I created my demons, my feelings, and I was able to finally release the negativity I was feeling.


I told myself,

“You are good enough.”


And at that moment, it was enough. So if you’re finding yourself in the dark, know that the sun will always find it’s way back if you let it.