Love My Body

So you want to bring your boo in…

I love couple’s sessions because I get the capture the raw, intimacy between the two of you! Couple’s I go about verrrrryyy differently, as I do minimal posing. I want to capture what YOU are, how you interact and how you love. So pretty much, I am this gif…(like for real, i’ve had clients tell me I am this when im peeping in the plants LMAO):

This couple came to me to showcase not only their love for each other, but the love they have for each other’s bodies and just being. I had SO much fun creating these images for these clients because they came in hesitant as they couldn’t find any curvy couple images to base their inspiration around. So, we made our own and did the damn thing! I’m so proud of this couple for blazing a *hot ass* path to show absolutely anyone can do this!

What made you choose Envy Boudoir?

“We chose Envy Boudoir because we love your style and that you help everyone love their body as it is now!”

vb couple blog 1.jpg

What were you nervous about going into your session?

“I was most nervous about getting naked in front of the camera and doing poses with my husband. I didn't want it to be awkward, but it wasn't at all! You made it really fun!”

vb couple blog 3.jpg

What was your favorite part?

“My favorite part was you listening to our story and taking what we said and putting it into pictures. I also loved that you were our personal cheerleader!”

vb couple blog 4.jpg

How do you feel now that you've completed your session?

“I feel very empowered! I have more self love and respect for our body's!”

vb couple blog 5.jpg

“Our experience was magical! I got there and was treated like a queen! Jazzy did amazing on my hair and makeup and during that time we were able to get more comfortable with you and was able to open up. Then the session started and we were nervous but us being nervous wore off real quick. You had me feeling like I ruled the world and I know it rubbed off on my husband!”

vb couple blog 6.jpg
vb couple blog 7.jpg

“Once you got me naked, still shocked you got me to do that, I felt appreciated. I felt like my body was pure gold and that no matter how many stretch marks, lines, scars, or rolls I had, I could own it and appreciate it. It really helped that you and my husband was cheering me on! My husband has noticed since the shoot is that I take care and love my body more then ever.”

vb couple blog 2.jpg

WOOF. I need some water after that heat! Who agrees?!

Are you wanting to venture into the boudoir world with your lova-lova? Shoot me an email, i’d love to have yall in the studio for an amazing experience!